How does this Klimacamp work ?

Quick info

  • Lectures & workshops for knowledge exchange
  • Get to know new people
  • Developing ideas together on how we can make our society more sustainable
  • We are currently planning for 350 – 550 day visitors over 5 days
  • You can camp on site free of charge
  • Take along for yourself: Tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, your own cutlery, water bottle and plate
  • If you want to help in advance, join the Helping Hands WhatsApp group.

Learn, help, share, pass on knowledge and make friends.
Come along, we look forward to seeing you 

Arrive at the welcome desk

At the entrance of our climate camp you will find our welcome desk. Here you can voluntarily sign up where you would like to help out during the camp. The idea of a climate camp is that everyone helps a little and that we shape the camp together. Everyone can be an active part of it. The following describes the upcoming tasks that we will do together at the camp.



One working group is responsible for the coodrination of the cooking for the whole community. There will be one cook – coordinator in charge of one meal. Of course, there will be all sorts of things to help with until everyone can be provided with delicious food.

Dishwashing team

Where you cook, you can also clean up later. We also need volunteers for this.

Cleaning team

We all value nature and want to protect our planet together. Of course, cleanliness, hygiene and order are also part of our climate camp. A team of volunteers will therefore take care of the cleanliness of our camp.

Kids area 

We welcome people from young to old. It would be great if volunteers could take care of the childrens soace so that we can give the participating parents enough space for the lectures and workshops. Feel free to bring some games and toys.

Care Team

A care team is a team of volunteers who keep an eye on the general atmosphere at the camp. Care team members are visibly identified and are always available in the event in case of problems or conflicts. They try to make shure that everyone feels comfortable at the camp. The care team will receive briefings on site. If you would like to be part of the care team, please get in touch at info@klimacamp-altoadige.bz.

Whispered translation

If you speak several languages, it would be great if you could offer self-organized whispered translation during the lectures and workshops (if required).

Set-up & dismantling

If you would like to help earlier, please contact us (at info@klimacamp-altoadige.bz) to help with the set-up. If you have time, you are also welcome to help with the dismantling on Sunday (14.07.2024). 

BAR and bevarages

There will also be a bar. We also need volunteers for this.